Discovering Kubernetes

Kubernetes is a distributed cluster management application that makes easy to deploy, manage and scale applications in a public or private cloud. It moves away the complexity of an infrastructure by abstracting the cluster into a single gigantic machine with plenty of ressources. Core Concepts Pod: unit of deployment A pod is collection of one … Continue reading Discovering Kubernetes


Understanding Spark

Spark is a cluster computing framework for building parallel and distributed processing on massive amount of data. It somehow replaces MapReduce, but yet is not as simple. A better Hadoop Hadoop MapReduce is effective on processing huge amount of data. It divides data into many tiny parts, processes them locally in parallel on a cluster, and produces an output. … Continue reading Understanding Spark

Using Zookeeper together with a distributed system

Zookeeper is a distributed service that helps coordinating distributed applications. It can be used to manage configuration, synchronization or naming. Let's see how this Zookeeper is architectured as well as an example in Java. Architecture Zookeeper core concept is a hierarchical structure where each node contains data, as well as other nodes. Each node is … Continue reading Using Zookeeper together with a distributed system

Kafka core concepts

Kafka is a messaging framework for building real time streaming applications. It allows to build distributed publish-subscribe systems. In this article we will present the core concepts of the framework. APIs One way to start with Kafka is to understand its APIs. There are four of them : The Producer API allows to publish records to a … Continue reading Kafka core concepts

Introducing ZeroMQ with C# and Java native port

Zeromq is a messaging library written in C++ for building distributed applications. The library can be used when performance and stability both matters. In addition to the original library, there are bindings in language such as C# or Java that wraps the C++ dll. Moreover, 100% native ports exists in these same languages. In this post, … Continue reading Introducing ZeroMQ with C# and Java native port